The Beekman Synagogue Shavuot Schedule


 Tuesday, May 30th

Eve of First Day Shavuot 

Candle Lighting at 8:02 pm

All Night Long: Torah Study ~ Light Dinner ~ Refreshments

@ the Metzgers, presented by community members: begins at 9:30 pm

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Wednesday, May 31st | @ Chabad, 336 East 53rd Street, Floor 1

First Day of Shavuot  

Morning Services: 10:00 am

Children's Ice Cream Party: 11:30 am (children of all ages)

Dairy Buffet Kiddush: 12:30 pm

Ice Cream Party: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm (Kindergarten - 7th Grade)

Light Candles after 9:09 pm


Thursday, June 1 | @ Chabad, 336 East 53rd Street, Floor 1

Second Day of Shavuot 

Morning Services: 10:00 am

Yizkor Memorial Services: 11:00 am

Followed by Kiddush: 12:30 pm

End of Holiday Farbrengen* hosted by the Metzger Family: 7:30 pm

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For more info on the Ice Cream Party click here 



 * Farbrengen (/fɑːrbrɛnɡɛn/, from the Yiddish פארברענגען, meaning "joyous gathering"; German verbringen "to spend [time/solidarity/festivity together]") is a Hasidic gathering. This term is only used by Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidim, as other Hasidim have a Tish or a botteh.