The Beekman Synagogue Shavuot Schedule




Motzei Shabbat, June 8 Eve of First Day Shavuot 
Light candles after 9:16PM from a Yortzait Candle
Late Night Torah Study with Rabbi Shmuel Metzger, begins 11:30PM
Cheesecake * Coffee * Tikun Leil Shavuot with Chassidic Insights. 
At a private home. RSVP REQUIRED to

Sunday, June 9 First Day of Shavuot  
Morning Services: 10:00 am
Children's Ice Cream Party: 11:00 am (children of all ages, RSVP for a personalized treat!)
Dairy Buffet Kiddush: 12:00 pm
Sponsored by Rachel Resnick, in loving memory of Mrs. Lillian Sharkey
Light Candles after 9:16pm 
Monday, June 10 Second Day of Shavuot 
Morning Services: 10:00 am
Yizkor Memorial Services: 11:15 am
Followed by Dairy Kiddush: 12:00 pm
Holiday Ends: 9:17 pm

For more info on the Ice Cream Party and to RSVP, click here.