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Month of Light and Miracles

Today we celebrate Rosh Chodesh Kislev and welcome the month of miracles and Chanukah lights.

Chanukah is more than a commemoration of "They tried to annihilate us, G-d saved us, now let's eat". The military campaign between our people and the ancient Hellenist Greeks was an expression of an even greater battle of cultures.

The Hellenists were all about the empirical and the human physique. In their culture the ultimate champion was one who excelled in a run swim or jump. To be sure, The Torah is also for living a healthy lifestyle but as a means to an ends. Judaism champions the spirit (there is something SO Jewish about the special Olympics). The ancient Coliseums make a sightly tourist attraction, the G-dly spirit of the Torah endures forever.

The materialism versus meaningfulness battle still rages in both the individual and the world. The antidote to the pursuit of materialism is study and the pursuit of something higher. At Chabad Beekman-Sutton we have opportunities for all ages and stages to explore the G-dly and spiritual, I personally recommend our weekly Rohr JLI class our most popular to date. To sign up please click here

Good Shabbos!

Rabbi Shmuel Metzger

The light of our soul

We are on the threshold of the wonderful new month of Kislev - The month of light, when we will commemorate and celebrate the festival of Yud Tes Kislevand Chanukah representing both physical and more importantly spiritual light.

We are all endowed with a candle within - a soul. We are way more than just a sum of cells with an electric current, we are all vivified with a spark of G-d with a mission to illuminate our world. The Rebbe would always emphasize that a small candle can illuminate a room of deep darkness, how much more so a symphony of small candles working together to dispel indifference to the spiritual and each other.

Interested to study more about the soul that makes you tick? Join Raizy and I for week 2 of The Jewish Learning Institute. We will explore ancient text on the workings of the soul and its journey to this material realm. This is by far our best attended JLI to date and for good reason. To reserve click here.

I look forward to greeting the real you!

Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Shmuel Metzger

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