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One Day for Chabad

WOW! ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE people have stepped up and participated in!

We are at 90% with just two hours to go. Can we do it??? Can we reach the finish line? With your help, we will!

Join the campaign at

If you haven't given yet, NOW is the time! 

And for some inspiration, here are our Top Ten:


10. Super fun, awesome holiday parties. Ever been to the Sutton Place Chanukah celebration? Or an amazing Purim celebration with hundreds of local families? That's us.
9. Really nice people. It's called Ahavat Yisrael, and we take it seriously.
8. Someone's gotta tend to the spirit and the soul... that's where we come in.
7. Did you know that we send food every Friday to several elderly seniors in the neighborhood who are lonely and just need a home-cooked meal?
6. Our cande lighting magnets went out to 3000 homes in the 10022 zipcode this year. That's a LOT of Shabbat light happening.
5. No one is ever turned away from The Chabad Preschool for lack of funds, even if that requires a nearly full scholarship. It's a commitment we're proud of.
4. Our preschool program is not just Jewish, warm and loving, it also offers the most progressive, Reggio inspired education you can find. Just ask our legions of parent fans!
3. It costs a whole heck of a lot to live here. Now imagine running a Synagogue here! Every donation helps.
2. We're a not-for-profit. And more not-for-profit than other not-for-profits. Everything is tax deductible, plus you get a Mitzvah.

1. It's all very local here. We get no seed $ or support from any umbrella organization. Our whole budget is raised right here and given right back to the community. This online fundraiser is crucial for us to end 2015 in the BLACK.


Thank you!

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