Rabbi's Corner

New Beginnings

This Shabbat brings to mind the over-used (but always appropriate) ending line of many wedding videos: Not the End...Just the Beginning. Ever seen that one? Similar to a wedding, these last few weeks of High Holidays have been filled with excitement, spiritual highs, and non-stop action. But as we all know: real life begins after the wedding, and a true commitment is displayed in the way life is lived once the celebrations have quieted down.

The drama and the romance of the High Holidays are over. But now is the time to dedicate ourselves and display our commitment to our relationship with G-d, family and community. Join us THIS Shabbat, Oct 29 as we begin a new cycle of Torah reading with the book of Genesis/Bereishit, and begin the New Year in earnest. The Jewish Learning Institute begins next week, and now is a perfect time to sign up and commit to the study of Torah.

L'chaim to new beginnings, and Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Shmuel Metzger 

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