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Services at Chabad

Chabad-Sutton welcomes all to our Synagogue in the heart of Sutton Place. Our traditional and refreshingly relevant services and Torah reading are led by Rabbi Shmuel A. Metzger, followed by a light kiddush buffet. Join our local community for a warm and meaningful Shabbat experience!


9:30 AM: Lekutei Torah- The weekly Torah portion through the prism of Chassidic thought led by Rabbi Shmuel Metzger

10:00 AM: Guided Morning Services and Torah Reading

10:30 AM: Ckids Children's Program

11:45 AM: Kiddush and Cholent Buffet

The Chabad-Sutton Synagogue is open to all; no membership required. 
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Celebrate your child's Jewish birthday at Shul!
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